Why we exist

Our vision is to see Empowered Christian Church reach and influence our community, both locally and overseas. We want people to get to know Jesus in a way that is creative, fun and relevant to their everyday life. We believe that the key to seeing this happen is in building people through relationships, solid Bible teaching, prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit. 

The reason we do what we do is simple. We love people and believe God has called each person to love others as He first loved us. Our church provides a family-friendly environment where people have the freedom to be open, share their lives and achieve all that God has in store for them. We believe in the power of unity, and love to partner with other local churches to impact our communities. 

Our prayer is that each person would grow in their gifts and have a boldness to take risks so God becomes known to those around us. 


Local Missions

One of our mandates is to influence our local community with the light and the love of Jesus Christ. We do this in practical ways especially for those who have urgent needs, we do bread run and support where needed.


Global Missions

Empowered Christian Church is partnering with Jakin Ministries, an organization that operates in Nigeria to work with vulnerable groups in Africa to help  overcome problems in economics, educational and health.

Empowered Christian Church will be partnering by sending support in the form of money and in the future, people. You can assist us in our mission by giving online.

To find out more about Jakin ministries, you can visit their website www.jakinministries.org or visit their Facebook page.

Below are some of the various projects Jakin ministries run, such as working with and education children, teaching people to run their own business, medical assistance and equipping children with school supplies.